Withdrawing SSV

  • First, connect your wallet to Metamask. Then navigate to the ‘My Account’ page and look for the ‘Withdraw’ button. Now click ‘Withdraw’. (Note: Your account is associated with your Metamask wallet)
  • Now, set the amount of $SSV you want to withdraw from your account balance. If you want to withdraw all of the available $SSV in your account to your wallet, click the MAX button.
  • After you input the amount of SSV tokens to withdraw, you will see your updated amount of days remaining to determine if it will be sufficient to pay the operator fees and the collateral amount of $SSV needed to keep the account healthy (known as the Operational Runway). *Important: Please be aware that withdrawing an $SSV amount that will bring your account balance below the Operational Runway will trigger liquidation.
  • Next, click the Withdraw button to complete the transaction on Metamask. At this point, you are finished making your withdrawal and you should be able to see the updated balance on your account page.