Registering an operator

  • *If you already have an account on the via Metamask, please skip this step. First, connect your wallet to Metamask.
    (Note: Your account is associated with your Metamask wallet) When creating a new account, you are presented with the option of running a validator or becoming an operator.
  • If you are creating a new account, please skip this next step.
    From the My Account page, click the +Add button and then Register Operator.
  • If you have already installed your SSV node (Run SSV Node) click the Register Operator button. If you have not installed your SSV node, please install it before registering as an operator.
  • Next, choose a name for your operator instance and enter the operator public key. (Note: You can always change the name of your operator at a later time.)
  • Now, set the fee stakers will pay for your node operator service when they choose you to manage their validator.
  • Review your setup before clicking the Register button. When you click the button, Metamask will prompt you to confirm the registration transaction to the smart contract.
  • You’re all set! Click the Monitor button in order to monitor and Manage your new Operator on your account page.