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Updating an operator fees

  • First connect your wallet to Metamask. Then go to the My Account page and tap the Settings button on the desired operator. (Note: Your account is associated with your Metamask wallet)
  • Now click the “Change Fee” Button
  • Set your new annual fee (restricted according to limitiations) and click the button to continue. Sign the transaction with your metamask in order to update the smart contract of the fee update you requested
  • Now a waiting period starts to allow your validators time to learn of the fee update. Read the instructions on screen carefully!
  • After the waiting period ends the fee update status will change to “pending” your execution. *Note that after the time limit has passed your update request will expire and you will need to start the process anew. Click the Execute button and sign the transaction with your metamask when prompted.
  • You are all set! Your fee has been updated and you can go back to your account.

Canceling Operator Fee Change Request

  • In order to cancel a fee change request that is already in process head to your operator update fee screen as shown in the beginning of this guide and view your request. During the waiting period/pending execution states you can click the “Cancel” button to stop the process.
  • To cancel the change click the “Cancel Update Fee” button and then sign the transaction in metamask to complete the cancelation
  • You are all set! The fee update was canceled!