Registering an SSV validator

  • *If you already have an account on the via Metamask, please skip this step. First, connect your wallet to Metamask.
(Note: Your account is associated with your Metamask wallet)
When creating a new account, you are presented with the option of running a validator or becoming an operator.
  • *If this is a new account please skip this step* Go to the My Account page and click the + Add button in the top right corner, then click Run Validator.
  • Creating a new validator will require you to create a Keystore file from your seed. To create a Keystore file, click the Create Validator button. If you already have your Keystore file, click Import Validator.
  • Add the Keystore file, enter its password and click Next.
  • Now, select four operators to manage your validator.
Important: Verified Operators (VOs) are operators that have been granted the Verified status by the DAO for completing KYC and providing consistent high-quality service. You can sort the operator list by their daily performance, yearly fee, and # of validators they manage. You can also filter to view only Verified Operators.
  • Please note the Yearly Fee for the setup you created before hitting the Next button.
  • Please read carefully and understand how fees are managed and the risks of account liquidation if your account balance falls below the Threshold Balance.
  • If you are importing a validator, please read carefully and understand that finalizing the validator import will cause slashing if the validator is still running elsewhere, and confirm that you stopped it from running.
  • The next screen presents a summary of your validator setup. (Note: If this is the first time you are registering a validator to, you will be required to make two transactions - one to approve the SSV smart contract and another one to register the validator.)
  • Now, finalize the validator registration by signing the transaction and adding SSV tokens to your account balance.
  • Congratulations! You’re all set!🥳